Leadership Development

The most important resource the Church has to serve God is its people. The better equipped they are, the more effective they will be for God. Emotionally intelligent leaders are the most effective leaders. And in business today,one of the most sought after tools for leadership development is the Emotional Capital Report 360 Review , a system I am fully accredited to use. Christian Coaching around the areas for growth that this system will bring to light leads to dynamic motivated leaders expressing their unique personalities to serve God.

Please watch below a short video where Dr Martyn Newman of Roche Martin discusses the 10 areas of emotional intelligence and how their development can revolutionize the effectiveness of the leaders in an organisation. The ECR system measures these 10 areas for an individual. The leader can then enter coaching knowing the areas to be focused on to release their potential. From personal experience this is a truly life changing experience. For more details please contact me on 086 3814311.