During Lent, Paul gave a series of four talks on prayer in our Parish Hall. So many speakers tell you that we should be praying; Paul showed us, in practical ways, how to do it! He is a natural communicator and his passion for God and helping people to get to know Him is very evident. The evenings were very popular with our parishioners and I would gladly invite Paul to speak again.

Aideen Green, Parish Coordinator, St Columbanus, Loughlinstown

Paul gave a talk during Family Week 2015  on prayer. He wove together strands of the secular and spiritual into a coherent and insightful vision of how  to pray.  Paul's  interests in  psychology, spiritual direction, mindfulness, contemplative prayer and the workings of the human psyche uniquely qualified him for this approach. This led to many fruitful conversations and  helped people to  take new approaches to their prayer lives. We look forward to future talks from Paul.

Denis Patterson,  Leadership Team, Ovoca Family Week.

As time has passed my appreciation for Paul’s work with me has only deepened. During our sessions he listened and asked me questions with the care of a pastor and and the precision of a surgeon. He helped me open my heart and mind to what was going on there. He has the ability to bring a light joyful atmosphere while at the same time he was able to dig deep into serious issues that crippled me which at times I could not even see. He was a friend and a mentor and I feel I understand myself and how I operate much better thanks to Paul. He helped me to function better emotionally & spiritually in my work and personal life. I’d highly recommend him and I know whomever he works with in the future it will be to their gain.

Neil Douglas, Youth Pastor, Crinken Church Shankill

I really enjoyed the whole experience of the ECR 360 review and would strongly recommend anyone to take the opportunity to go through the process. Initially it seemed quite daunting seeking feedback from colleagues, friends, and family but the results were most interesting and enlightening.  Paul’s assistance was fantastic in helping me gain a better understanding of my own emotional intelligence  and how I am perceived by others. He also helped me use this information to improve my approach to all aspects of life, and adapt these skills to be a more effective manager. I have since felt more comfortable, confident and better able to  make decisions and to take decisive action when required.

Daragh Sheedy Civil Engineer, Dublin